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alisafaplayZ преди 17 часа
Imagine if Mario mansion was a thing? Maybe in the future...
AristoKat преди 17 часа
ngl I thought steven was drinking iodine
Thuc Vo
Thuc Vo преди 17 часа
anyone what candy they ate at 1:56?
Gustavo Cabañas
Gustavo Cabañas преди 17 часа
This video can revive after 15 years 😁
pinkzunn преди 17 часа
I love this video. Smosh LIVE was a legendary event.
Fridge 875
Fridge 875 преди 17 часа
I remember when I was a kid and used to listen to this all the time when I was mad at my parents
manqqaqo преди 17 часа
4:36 mirai nikki HEH
Golden f y
Golden f y преди 17 часа
0:05 me trying to be cool also this 0:16 This comment will not get any likes
Frei преди 17 часа
Smoshcast.... need I say more? Actually bring it back tho pls I loved it
Gal Yelinek
Gal Yelinek преди 17 часа
I don’t do carbs has a grilled cheese
Morgan Jepps
Morgan Jepps преди 17 часа
What about hades zeus and Poseidon brother
Brooks Manis
Brooks Manis преди 18 часа
As soon as shayne dropped omg yogurt is made from milk I shot milk out of my nose and I didnt drink milk.
Ethan King
Ethan King преди 18 часа
Shayne in this was hilarious
Martin Mora
Martin Mora преди 18 часа
I really want that boatman toy for some reason right now
Perry Dunetz
Perry Dunetz преди 18 часа
Honestly in the dnd one ify was just calling the dm on not doing their job the game is boring if there aren’t consequences for a bad roll, dying is part of the game
Jack Ibara
Jack Ibara преди 18 часа
I wonder how Karen’s would react to this video? They would be like “Uhh I don’t do all of this stuff, I just tell people what to do, how to do something correctly, to tell everyone we rule the world, and I like to complain about everything” Everyone thinks (will someone kills this a**hole and we can finally live our lives)
Perry Dunetz
Perry Dunetz преди 18 часа
Ify is hilarious I’ve never seen him in a vid before this one
Ksm Sm
Ksm Sm преди 18 часа
I discovered smosh in 2013 and its sad to think there wont be videos like this ever
Graffiti-Dawg преди 18 часа
2017 is legit worse than 2020.
coult _26
coult _26 преди 18 часа
This is how the journey began lol
Braxton Johnson
Braxton Johnson преди 18 часа
Why did u stap That in him
Luke Conrad
Luke Conrad преди 18 часа
why do I feel like they watched the Odd1sOut for this video
JD преди 18 часа
This video made me think the show had an actual life note
cgt212ify преди 18 часа
I love the video
Cancer преди 18 часа
And the Great Coffee War begins Top of The Mornin Coffee vs Your Favorite Coffee
M tube
M tube преди 18 часа
Wilton Nguyen
Wilton Nguyen преди 18 часа
I think it a tower
Daniel Winn
Daniel Winn преди 18 часа
This channel was my childhood
Wilton Nguyen
Wilton Nguyen преди 18 часа
I think Charizard can fly away he can breve fire he can burn the tower down he could’ve done any of that but then sleep with that person
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu преди 18 часа
Why is that dollar store song addictive as hell?
Bouwii преди 18 часа
The best part: 4:17
The twins sister. Rasekhfard
The twins sister. Rasekhfard преди 19 часа
Hahah lol
ACD преди 19 часа
Is workout Shayne just a vampire that’s allergic to sugar instead of garlic?
brandon chavez
brandon chavez преди 19 часа
I remember when this channel was good
brandon chavez
brandon chavez преди 19 часа
like when there was food wars and stuff
ICEMASTER Dominator преди 19 часа
Fajer Haji
Fajer Haji преди 19 часа
1:51 uh Cinderella
Jillian Parker
Jillian Parker преди 19 часа
"""""No mature content"""""
Woot! Woot! XD
Woot! Woot! XD преди 19 часа
Little did you know you’d be back for that toilet paper in 2020 xD
DashDQ преди 19 часа
*I searched for this.*
Xen преди 19 часа
9:41 MY GOD
melvss преди 19 часа
Philippines anyone??
Hans Zhang
Hans Zhang преди 19 часа
Poison преди 19 часа
Who else wants to do the left boot with me
Connor the gamer 8
Connor the gamer 8 преди 19 часа
Every youtuber ever (except for smosh): cringe
Bandobaby Kay247
Bandobaby Kay247 преди 19 часа
Put this on Spotify
luxury преди 19 часа
Whoaaa so this video was uploaded when i was born 😳
Ohmrita преди 19 часа
The LaBrant Family + The Ace Family = The LaMace Family Because LaAce doesn't make sense Whew!
GtGamerlol преди 19 часа
I agree with Anthony
iceshot24 преди 19 часа
Who else loves smosh
The real Draco gaming
The real Draco gaming преди 19 часа
I snook downstairs last night to get some crisps, vimto, cookie
M Wellman
M Wellman преди 19 часа
Omg joe in the first scene lol that fall
Maestro преди 19 часа
let’s be honest, your here for 1:08
OliversIntention преди 19 часа
I’d like to invest into Totally True Documentary.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez преди 20 часа
He gave them like six dollars
Kandy Gaming
Kandy Gaming преди 20 часа
I like when a guy try’s to be a girl
Nosliw Ydnar
Nosliw Ydnar преди 20 часа
2021 people be like 👍
Big Goat
Big Goat преди 20 часа
Big Goat
Big Goat преди 20 часа
Big Goat
Big Goat преди 20 часа
Big Goat
Big Goat преди 20 часа
Dominuspiggie преди 20 часа
If you’re in the same room as someone please put on your phone and
ToucanRyan преди 20 часа
2:30 this one hurts more now that Black Widow has a movie now too
R-dogg XL
R-dogg XL преди 20 часа
First this is so gay
Manuel Zerpa
Manuel Zerpa преди 20 часа
This video is so Smosh 2012 🙌🏻
yummy DIRt
yummy DIRt преди 20 часа
You guys have to put Smosh videos with captions. They’ll sneak a joke in them , here and there.
HY Play
HY Play преди 20 часа
in the end you can see the hair in his belly
xx x502x
xx x502x преди 20 часа
SLO Gaming
SLO Gaming преди 20 часа
They just predicted crafting book in mc
domi1011 studios
domi1011 studios преди 20 часа
No joke, that colour did look nice on Anthony tbh
Max Kauppinen
Max Kauppinen преди 20 часа
I thought it said 2021!
TROLLFACEGOD 20 преди 20 часа
What about sus Johnson 😳
Longcowgaming преди 20 часа
The birthplace of a legend
Carl Dollarhide
Carl Dollarhide преди 20 часа
Me: *calmy watches the video* Adds: *WARNING YOU WILL FALL ASLEEP*
Longcowgaming преди 20 часа
11 years ago...
domi1011 studios
domi1011 studios преди 20 часа
The first smosh video I’ve ever seen 😁
MINS FFF преди 20 часа
CoralCarne372 преди 20 часа
5:11 John Cena
Waleed Waleed
Waleed Waleed преди 20 часа
now we can be in games with vr.
Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
Trevor Vandeveld (Student) преди 20 часа
It’s a karen oh no
Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
Trevor Vandeveld (Student) преди 20 часа
Lol a clown can I have a balloon